About Us

With its 20-year experience and 200 employees, UGT is the largest system integrator in the Georgian market. Our solutions and services, targeted to public and commercial organizations enable customers to improve their businesses using modern technologies.


We focus on data processing and storage systems, communication network infrastructure development, design and operation of data centers, supply of licensed software systems and providing information security.


Our company employs best specialists and experienced managers in the field. Our partners are almost all major manufacturers in IT sphere. Our mission is to help our customers to reach their goals in the most effective and quick way.  Successful accomplishment of this task is the reason why UGT has been 4 times recognized as the Best System Integrator.


UGT has been dedicated to the development of information security business since 2013. During this period, we have got ahead with the best team of our specialists. In addition, we have partnership contracts with the world’s leading manufacturers. We managed to launch effective and comprehensive security systems in the customer organizations.


UGT plans to be leading integrator of information security systems not only in Georgia, but also throughout the region. Our technological expertise and experience in development of complex solutions strengthens our position to successfully achieve this goal.