Network Security

Every day many cyber threats, such as: computer viruses, worms and Trojan Horses, spyware programs, hacker attacks, personal data and business information leakage and theft, attacks on organization’s services access and the so-called zero-day and zero-hour attacks, are spreading via network and Internet.

Network security goal is protection of organization’s network use, reliability and security, which in itself means prevention of penetration of malwares in the network, or restriction of their distribution area in case of successful cyber-attack.



The network security main components are:


  • Next-generation firewall (NGFW), to prevent unauthorized access to the network;
  • DDoS devices and cloud services to provide uninterrupted access for your business;
  • New generation of network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), to protect network from hacker access and zero-day or zero-hour attacks;
  • Network viruses, bots, spyware programs and modern threats (ATP) prevention systems, to protect your network against incoming viruses and malware;
  • URL filtering and network application control web gateways, to protect Internet users against Internet threats and at the same time, to ensure compliance with organizational policies and regulations;
  • Email security gateways - protect users against spams and threatening email messages, including phishing, infected links and malware embedded in the attachments;
  • Virtual private networks (VPN) - provide security of remote access.


UGT IT Security offers network security innovative solutions using network security technologies from leading manufacturers. Network security is one of the most important components in organization’s protection system. This component ensures uninterrupted performance of your organization, protection of user’s data and business information from leaks and theft, the organization’s compliance with applicable regulations and significantly reduces reputational risk.



Our main partners in network security are: Check Point, Cisco, Intel Security (McAfee) Symantec. However, in some cases, due to the project specifics, the solution may be made using  the systems of other manufacturers.