Data Security

At different stages of life cycle, whether inside or outside the organization, information creation, storage and sharing scale increases more and more, according to the number of participants involved in its activities. This process makes more challenging task of information confidentiality, integrity and availability protection, since attempts of authorized or unauthorized access to the sensitive information of organization increase. Also, information is more often shared outside organization by means of outer carriers, Internet, emails and cloud systems.

UGT IT Security offers innovative solutions of data security using network security technologies from leading manufacturers. Your organization will provide internal data classification, increase of security policies efficiency, protection from the customer data and business information leaks and theft, organization's compliance with the applicable regulations and significant reduction of reputational risks.


The innovative solutions of the data security are:




One of the most effective solutions is data encryption. It helps organization to control data access, like significantly complicates the right of gaining unauthorized access to the critical information.


UGT IT Security offers modern encryption solutions that will help to protect your data confidentiality and integrity in data storage and movement.


Our main partners in data encryption are: Symantec (PGP), Intel Security (McAfee), HPE Security and Thales, although in some cases, subject to the project specificity, the solution may be made using the systems of other manufacturers.


Data Classification


Organization’s native data increase day after day. Accordingly, the challenge of their inventory and classification occurs.


Apart of the organization, the valuable information can be stored in local or file servers without protection of appropriate confidentiality and integrity and without backup copies.  This means that in case of damage or loss, these data cannot be restored.


Data classification will help you to regain control over your data. Information classification and labeling can be done automatically or with involvement of employees. The gained experience can be used for development of proper approaches aiming confidentiality, integrity and availability protection.


Data classification solutions offered by UGT IT Security will help organization to sort and label information. Also, they will reduce the risk of sensitive data leakage and loss and enhance employees’ skills with sensitive information.


Our major partners in data classification are: Intel Security (McAfee), Symantec, Titus, Boldon James and others.


Data Leak Prevention (DLP)


Risk of intentional or accidental data leakage exists throughout their total life cycle. The practice shows that the majority of data leakage cases occur because of employee’s mistakes, carelessness and negligence.


Data leak prevention system is a solution that provides prevention of leakage of confidential information outside organization’s borders.


DLP system is based on data identification and study. It provides monitoring and analysis of the actions and data flow monitoring at the workplace, in organization’s internal network and cloud system. The DLP system has data-related unauthorized actions prevention and alarm functionality.


DLP solutions offered by UGT IT Security will help you to control transmission of confidential information outside organization. In particular:


  • to search for and protect confidential data, through scanning and monitoring of overall network resources, databases and other data repositories of the organization;
  • to track and control sensitive information downloading, copying, printing or transfer using external carriers, email or cloud systems;
  • to extend data leakage monitoring and prevention on iOS and Android devices.

In data security (leakage prevention) we mainly work with the following manufacturers: Intel Security (McAfee), Symantec, Check Point and Mobile Iron. Also, we can offer solutions of other manufacturers according to the needs of your company.


File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)


FIM is a mechanism that verifies the change of integrity of files of operating system and various programs, through their regular monitoring.


Of course, changing files in organization, is rather frequent.  Due to this fact, organization is often reluctant to regular monitoring of the important system files (which, for example, is the PCI DSS compliance requirement). Consequently, this can lead to critical data loss and serious injury.


FIM can also prevent the impact of malicious codes and malware.


UGT IT Security offers FIM solutions in partnership with Intel Security (McAfee) and Symantec. We will help you to ensure protection of the devices equipped with operating system, as well as of your environment, whether in fixed devices - ATMs, paybox or  other.