Application Security

Today it is difficult to imagine an organization that does not use any kind of business and office applications. The number of organizations, using web and mobile applications while doing their business, is gradually increasing.

Each organization has a task to deliver applications in a smooth and high-quality manner, as well as to ensure security of information processed and transmitted by applications. It is important to protect users’ data, prevent cyber fraud and unauthorized actions.


The task is complicated by the fact that an application supplied by a third party or an in-house application parallel its development and functionality becomes more vulnerable. Security providing process often fails to keep up in time with such modern development methods as Agile or DevOps and requires external security solutions. The largest share of cyber-attacks is aimed at detection of above mentioned weaknesses and their abuse. The integrated comprehensive approach to application security is essential to the organization’s security system.


UGT IT Security offers innovative solutions of applications and databases security using technologies of leading manufacturers, such as F5, Imperva, Citrix, Oracle, Intel Security (McAfee) and other.


Application delivery controller (ADC)


The main purpose of application delivery controller which is placed in data center and cloud environment is to optimize the delivery of applications and provide their reliability.

Controllers offered by UGT IT Security enable organizations to improve a number of aspects of their application, including:

  • Access
  • Scale
  • End-user efficiency
  • Optimization of utilization of datacenter resources
  • Security


Web application firewall (WAF)


Web application firewall protects organization’s web servers from malicious traffic and activity. Also, it blocks an illegal access and activity efforts on the system. In case of successful attacks, your organization might become a victim of so called site defacing – it might spread viruses to users, inflict significant financial loss as a result of fraud, disclose personal data and so on.


WAF solutions offered by UGT IT Security will help your organization to prevent widespread and targeted attacks, which include cross-site scripts, SQL injection and more complex methods of attack. WAF also protects applications against the 7th level DoS and DDoS attacks, harmful bot traffic and vulnerabilities.


Application security scanning


Application security scanning is designed to provide security of your organization’s applications during the entire application development life cycle.


Application security scanning solutions offered by UGT IT Security will cover the security needs of your software, including mobile and web application security. These solutions include automated code analyzer which identifies security weaknesses in the source code, scanning results priorities and comparison with best practices. This process will help your developers to easily eliminate vulnerability detected in application code.


Database Security and Auditing


Protect your business-critical database in real time from external, internal and interdatabase threats by security solutions.


By the database security solutions offered by UGT IT Security you will get  a comprehensive picture of your databases, an appropriate level of security, in compliance with the organization’s security policies and regulations (PCI DSS, the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection and other).


Using the database security solutions your organization will gain:


  • opportunity of vision and control of the database activity, including privileged users (database administrators, etc.) access and sophisticated attacks in real-time;
  • database vulnerability scanning and configuration checks;
  • fully automated search of all organization’s databases for database analyzing, which include such sensitive data, as payment card information, personal data, and so on;
  • masking of sensitive information in the databases;
  • detection and prevention of attempted access in real-time;
  • possibility of prioritizing security efforts, which will save you time and money;