Safety Analytics and Management

An important component of effective security management is gathering and analyzing (in real-time and historical mode) information generated as a result of security monitoring which, in turn, provides timely and appropriate response to incidents.

Security information and events management (SIEM)


High performance and powerful SIEM solution simultaneously reveals an event, threat and risk, which contributes to the security actions priority, rapid response on incidents, storage and effective management of logs arising from various sources, as well as provides the compliance report, which is necessary for adapted management of security and risks.


SIEM solutions offered by UGT IT enables you to save logging information from any source for their subsequent storage, correlation and analysis, to detect potential threats and incidents for timely and effective response.


The functionality offered by our partners - HPE Security (Arcsight) and Intel Security (McAfee) also includes:


  • blocking harmful activities by launching a script, which will provide proper response by the firewall and other security devices;
  • instant detection of zero-day threats and complex attacks by active analysis and relevant cloud services support;
  • simplified and automated compliance reporting;


Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management systems


Solution of effective governance, risk management and compliance with standards will help to simplify security and IT risks, operations, data management, audit process, to reduce the automation process length and costs.


With the partnership with Agilliance and RSA (Archer) UGT IT Security offers GRC solutions which will help your organization to form and control entire risk pattern. It will also provide effective monitoring and management of security and IT environment. In addition to the prioritization of vulnerable assets, processes and methods of the proper response on them, with the support of GRC you will match such standards as ISO, HIPAA, PCI DSS and others.


Vulnerability management


Vulnerability Management (VM) solutions are used by thousands of organizations for identification of critical vulnerabilities and management of their total vital phase. Vulnerabilities management includes searching, detection, verification of weaknesses, risk classification, impact analysis, reporting and, finally response on them.


The vulnerability management solutions offered by UGT IT Security will give you the opportunity to:


  • know your organization’s network and infrastructure vulnerabilities affecting valuable assets;
  • effectively prioritize and manage vulnerabilities;
  • reduce the effort that is required to match the standards of compliance;
  • easily get the vulnerability elimination reports.


Digital expertise


Law enforcement and other respective agencies require a flexible, powerful tools to investigate computers and other data carriers of persons with histories of illegal actions. Gathering and analyzing of digital evidences is carried out not only in central laboratories, but also using portable forensic devices.


UGT IT Security offers cutting-edge solutions and equipment of digital expertise, both for a field staff and laboratory experts who need rapid and qualitative analysis of information about device or computer or is available in a device or computer that is often difficult to obtain.


UGT IT Security offers innovative solutions of security analytics management using security technologies of leading manufacturers. Security analytics and monitoring is a key component in organization’s security system. Through them your organization will ensure adequate security monitoring, protection of users’ data and business information against leakage and theft, organization’s compliance with applicable regulations, significant reduction of reputational risks and timely and appropriate response on the incidents.


In vulnerability management area our main partners are Rapid7 and Tenable, and in the expertise area - Guidance, Cellebrite and AccessData. However, in both areas, due to the project specificity and complexity, solution may be constructed using the systems of other manufacturers.