Workplace Protection

Traditional antivirus protection model is not enough for protection against modern and sophisticated cyber-attack methods. Workstation security solution of the organization is the centrally controlled system which guards Windows, Mac and Linux systems against cyber threats.

Organization’s workstation protection solution, in addition to the antivirus, antispam, web security, firewall and intrusion prevention system (HIPS) includes anomalies analysis functionality, dynamic white lists, external carriers and connection control, system changes and integrity control. This centrally controlled system provides proactive blocking of new and unknown threats, increases productivity of employees and eases administration of workstation security.


Mobile Security


The challenges which exist now in the field of security of mobile operating systems are profoundly different from the threats of previous computer era. Today, the organization’s data are stored in corporate and consumer local, mobile or cloud systems or warehouses. The purpose of mobile security is to protect organization’s data at any place of their location. In mobile world, according to the right security model, each employee makes his or her contribution to the provision of security, in consideration of the aspects such as identification and access control, information confidentiality and other.


UGT IT Security offers mobile security platform for protection and management of modern mobile systems worldwide for the devices of mixed use (corporate and private), access to them and available content. EMM solutions offered by us will help you to protect corporate information and to develop your organization’s activity mobility.


Virtual Environment Protection


Virtual environment protection solutions provide tailored protection for virtual environments, with minimal impact on virtual servers and workstation memory and computation.


UGT IT Security offers virtual environment security solutions that provide:


  • full visibility of the virtualized environment network, with protection against real-time threats;
  • protection of virtual servers and workstations, including elimination of unwanted and unauthorized changes using whitelisting technology;


By the virtual environment security solutions, you will maintain advantages of virtualization, ensure safety of the virtual environment security and convergence with conformity regulation.


UGT IT Security offers innovative solutions of workstation security, which are created on basis of security technologies of leading manufacturers. You will get cutting-edge multilevel solutions of protection against threats, which includes antivirus, ransomware protection, memory inspection, encryption, device control, command control block means, browser protection against exploits, applications whitelisting, behavior monitoring, local protection against web threats, etc. This solution will contribute to the smooth operation of your organization, protection of user’s data and business information from cyber threats, compliance with existing regulations and significant reduction of reputational risks.


In the area of workstation security, mobile security and virtual environment security our main partners are leading brands and vendors such as: Intel Security (McAfee), Symantec, Check Point, MobleIron and Cisco. Subject to your company’s requirements and needs, we can offer solutions of other manufacturers as well.