Development of policies and procedures

Information is the most critical asset for any organization. When this asset is threated, one shall think about asset protection and security. Therefore, information security is one of the biggest challenges for modern organization.

Our services are designed for those organizations which have some impression about information security, those which feel value of the information owned by organization, those who want to be proactive and to meet above challenges up in arms.


We can help you to structure and formalize the complete information security system, as well as to develop specific policies and procedures and their actually operation.  Our vision of the information security system building allows to develop cost-effective solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.


Training and professional advancement


After making the decision on the establishment, improvement or formalization of an information security system, an organization may choose to implement the project using the own resources. In such a case, it is important for the project implementers to have the proper qualifications. Our extensive experience and partners network enables us to help you in the training as follows:


  • Workshop - when a working group gathers to solve a particular issue or issues. The group consists of the client organization employees and the UGT functional experts, who have experience in the specific area. During such projects the issues and concrete deliverables are agreed in advance.
  • Product trainings – our engineers obtaining international certificates, or partner/manufacturer’s specialists provide the specific product review, in-depth or workshop
  • Thematic and certification courses – at this time, according to the pre-planned and coordinated syllabus, the theoretical knowledge is delivered in the frames of a group in kind of specific practical works, which could serve to obtain the certificate.